By Hendrikus Egidius Antonia van den Akker; J J Derksen

Generally, fluid blending and the comparable multiphase contacting techniques have continually been considered as an empirical expertise. Many points of combining, dispersing and contacting have been with regards to strength draw, yet figuring out of the phenomena used to be restricted or qualitative on the such a lot. specifically over the past decade, in spite of the fact that, plant operation goals have tightened and product requirements became stricter. Read more...

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Criteria for Assessing Fully Developed Turbulence Figure 2 shows the dimensionless similarity profile for the three-dimensional wail jet in a stirred tank. In this figure, the x-axis is the dimensionless distance from the wall (rl=y/bl/2) and the y-axis is the axial velocity made dimensionless with the local maximum velocity in the wall jet (u/urn). The classical exponential profile (Glauert 1956) could not be used here because the velocity in this wall jet passes through zero, whereas the classical profile, developed for a stagnant surrounding fluid, asymptotically approaches zero.

Establishing a relation between P0 and the pumping capacity of impellers - as expressed by F1 - is however difficult, primarily because of the manner in which most available data have been obtained: as ensemble-averages over 360 ~ of revolution and in different distances from the blade tip in different investigations. This is illustrated in Figure 3, where the variation of P0 with F1 for 30 impellers from published data is shown. The data in Figure 3 exhibit considerable scatter. A more appropriate way to characterise impeller pumping capacity is the secondary or circulation flow number, F1c, which accounts for the entrainment into the impeller stream caused by blade design.

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