By John S. Wood (Chairman) Commitee on Un-American Activities

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These are what Communism would like to take over and destroy . 4. Would the Communists destroy the Bible? Every copy they could find . And they would jail anybody trying to print new copies . 5. Could I be married in the church? Not legally. 6. Could my funeral be held in the church? Not legally. 7. Could my child be baptized or christened in the church? At the risk of prison for parent and pastor . 8. Would my child go to Sunday school? Not only would Sunday school be illegal, but also your child would be taught to report you to the police for trying to send him.

There are about 201,100 schools in this country listed by the United States Office of Education . They teach some 31,88o,ooo students everything from cooking to atomic physics. Our schools range from public to private to church ownership, and from kindergartens to colleges . Add to these the thousands of commercial, music, drama, art, business and trade schools not counted in the list above . Add the research centers, textbook houses, teachers' unions, school supply companies, the National Education Association, and its affiliates .

Where it has not yet gained the upper hand over the country as a whole, it has tried to corrupt religion from within by setting sect against sect and creed against creed . 60 . Are Communists trying to corrupt religion in the U. S. A.? Yes. 61 . What is their method? The Communist Party of the United States assigns members to join churches and church organizations, in order to take control where possible, and in any case to influence thought and action toward Communist ends . It forms "front organizations," designed to attract "fellow travelers" with religious interests.

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