By Barb Karg, John K Young

From the illustrious George Washington and the notorious J. Edgar Hoover to incredible imaginer Walt Disney and undesirable boy of baseball Ty Cobb, Freemasons have prompted each element of yankee lifestyles. but this mystery society is still as arguable and mysterious as ever. during this ebook, you will study the reality about:

  • The energy and that means in the back of the symbols, rites, and rituals
  • Alleged connections with Jack the Ripper, the KKK, and the Holy Grail
  • Freemasons vs. the Nazis
  • The centuries-long contention with the Catholic Church
  • Freemasonry's starting to be impact right here and abroad

because the greatest - and oldest - fraternal association, the Freemasons will proceed to form the area we are living in for the foreseeable destiny. With this tell-all consultant, you will resolve the secret of this interesting society - one mystery at a time!

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The psychic being may be perfect and the outer being may be idiotic. Don’t confuse the two. They have nothing to do... unfortunately they have nothing to do with each other, most of the time. For the outer being is not at all conscious of the psychic being; but to the extent that it is conscious it reflects the perfection of this psychic. If you want to speak of the circumstances, not of the character, why would a psychic being not have difficulties in the world? If the world were entirely psychic, I would understand.

But when someone boasts about something: “Oh, I am sure of that, I shall never make that mistake”, immediately I see a hostile formation passing there, like that, and it enters by the little hole made by the boasting. It enters within, like that, and then penetrates, and so prepares everything for you to do exactly what you didn’t want to. But this is an amusement, it is certainly not to help you to progress. (Mother laughs) But if you know how to take it, it does help you to progress. ” And as these forces are very conscious on the mental and vital plane, one doesn’t even need to pronounce the words.

And when they sit quietly and look at themselves, they are bored. Perhaps because they are boring. That’s very likely. The more boring one is, the more one is bored. Very interesting people usually are not bored. Mother, if one is cowardly and avoids a difficulty, if next time the difficulty is still greater, then how long does this continue? It continues until one stops being cowardly, till one understands that it’s not something to be done. One can overcome one’s cowardice. There isn’t a thing one can’t overcome if one wants to.

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