By Peter Smith

This complete and succinct encyclopedia strains the origins and improvement of the BahNB'! religion from nineteenth-century Iran to the trendy day, protecting its valuable figures and significant old occasions.

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Rise'; MBBR 29&300, 473; administer Rahi'i affairs, calling upon Mamen, 'Baho't community'; SBBR 91, 173. their members to be 'the trusted ones of the Merciful', and to meet together as if in the presence of God (KA 29 k30). At Ashraf 'Abdu'l-Bahb's direction or with his encouragement, a varicty of local counName of two Bahi'i martyrs in Iran. cils in various parts of the world were (1)SAYYID ('AL~-)ASHRAPOF ZANJAN formcd from thc 1890s onwards. These (from He was also called Ashrafu'sh-shuhada' included assemblies at ASHKHABAD 189516) and Tehran (from 189719); and (the 'Noblest of Martyrs').

At Aqisi's order then, the Bib was made an effective prisoner of state and transferred to the remote fortress of MAKW in Azerbaijin (July 1847-April 1848) and later to the fortress of CI-IIIIR~Q (April 1848-~une 1850). The period of the Bib's captivity in Azerbaijin was one in which both the Bibi movement and its relationship with Iranian society were profoundly transformed. The Bib himself, early in 1848, made open claim to his followers to be the Mahdi, and as such declared the abrogation of Islamic holy law.

Shoghi Effendi interpreted to refer to the The Seat, located at the apex of the Arc, future establishment of the Universal is a large building comprising five-and-aHouse of Justice. More widely, it was half storeys. In addition to the council linked to the evolution of a number of chamber of the House of Justice and 'world-shaking' administrative instituconsiderable office space, it includes a tions which would be sited on Mount reception concourse, banquet room, Carmel, the focal centre of which was reference library and storage vaults.

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