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Subtitle: dependent Upon the traditional records in terms of, and the Monuments Erected by means of This Fraternity From Its origin within the yr 715 B.c. to the current Time normal Books e-book date: 2009 unique book date: 1869 unique writer: American masonic publishing organization topics: physique, brain

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John, and, upon the continent, almost exclusively,. as _St. John Brothers, or Brothers of St. John. THE MASONIC CORPORATIONS IN GAUL. IN the transalpine provinces of Gaul, the Masonic corporations, cotemporaneous with those of Britain, increased in a no less extraordinary manner. After the Roman provinces were abandoned in the year 486, all the countries which had been subject to the Roman sway received with delight the attention of these builders. In those countries they were called Free Corporations, their 1 bership being composed entirely of brother Masons.

These were then comnot alone of the descendants of those Greeks and posed Romans whom the Emperor Claude had, in the year 43, ordered into the country, as already mentioned, but, in island part, of the natives of Britain. this object in view, Carausius, at the ancient city of Yerulam, afterward known as St. Albans, where he had major With taken up his abode and established his court, conveyed and confirmed to the Masonic corporations through the instrumentality of Albanus, a abulus, a Roman architect Roman all knight, and Amphithose ancient privileges accorded to them by Numa Pompilius, and the kings, his successors, more than a thousand years before, but which THE MASONIC CORPORATIONS IN BRITAIN.

He sought to ascertain the cause of those phenomena which regularly reproduced themselves around him, and to whose influence he found his own nature subjected; and little by little, in the laws, first of physics, and next of astronomy, he discovered the explanation. He saw that, regulated that the sun and moon accord. In fact, by these laws, nature existed; and earth moved in common whilst all else lived and died around (27) GENERAL HISTORY OF FREEMASONRY. 28 him and died forever these alone abated not in the regularity of their movements nor perpetuity of their existence: without beginning, and, apparently, without To feelings, end, they seemed uncreated and immutable.

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