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A guige to the early christian and byzantine antiquities (Путеводитель по ранним христианским и византийским древностям)

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Expression, so that a Roman Christian art came Beyond the eastern boundaries of the Empire Christians ; an Iranian living in Persian territory may well have used form of decoration, itself perhaps symbolic, but differing in character from that which we see in the Catacombs. The absence of a central ecclesiastical authority controlling the development of art was favourable to originality and to local initiative. 6. D. 323 to the Arab Conquests in the first half of the seventh century. toleration of Christianity in the Roman Empire essenchanged the position of Christian art.

May have passed through traders' hands with other portable objects in the ordinary way of commerce. Gregory of Tours, writing in the sixth century, relates that the (No. ) HISTORICAL SURVEY 31 Merovingian king Chilperic was furnished with works of art by a merchant of oriental birth, a fact which suggests traffic in such things with the East. Another influence which tended to the diffusion of art was the exchange of gifts between Constantinople and the Teutonic courts Europe. Sometimes we infer that of the foreign gift provoked the emulation of the barbaric prince.

Attention has been drawn to the origin of monasticism The work of St. Pachomius at the beginning of this period. in Egypt was extended (p. 26), and by the beginning of the fifth century the monks of his order had become numerous the Skete Desert and the Natron Lakes became an important monastic centre. But in Egypt the movement began to lose force towards the close of the century, and its decline was ; hastened by the Arab conquest. The common life instituted by Pachomius was introduced into Syria and the neighbouring regions early in the fourth century.

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