By George Grote

Extensively said because the such a lot authoritative research of historic Greece, George Grote's twelve-volume paintings, started in 1846, proven the form of Greek historical past which nonetheless prevails in textbooks and renowned money owed of the traditional international this present day. Grote employs direct and transparent language to take the reader from the earliest occasions of mythical Greece to the demise of Alexander and his iteration, drawing upon epic poetry and legend, and reading the expansion and decline of the Athenian democracy. The paintings offers motives of Greek political constitutions and philosophy, and interwoven all through are the $64000 yet outlying adventures of the Sicilian and Italian Greeks. quantity 10 covers the interval from the Peace of Antalkidas to the second one conflict of Mantinea, and in addition takes up the tale of Sicily from the destruction of the Athenian day trip to the interval of the tyranny of the Elder Dionysius.

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Temporary good feeling at Syracuse towards him 669 He convokes the Syracusan assembly, and exhorts them to war against Carthage 670 He desires to arrest the emigration of those who were less afraid of the Carthaginian dominion than of his 671 He grants permission to plunder the Carthaginian residents and ships at Syracuse. Alarm at Carthage—suffering in Africa from the pestilence g^j CONTENTS. Dionysius marches out from Syracuse with a prodigious army against the Carthaginians in Sicily Insurrection against Carthage, among the Sicilian Greeks subject to her.

To such persons, not less than to the Athenian admiral Konon with his small remnant of Athenian triremes saved out of the great defeat, the proclaimed invitations of Evagoras would present a harbour of refuge nowhere else to be found. Accordingly we learn that numerous settlers of the best character, from different parts of Greece, crowded to Salamis1. Many Athenian women, during the years of destitution and suffering which preceded as well as followed the battle of iEgospotami, were well pleased to emigrate and find husbands in that city 2 ; while throughout the wide range of the Lacedaemonian empire, the numerous 1 Isokrates, Or.

Such was the convention which Sparta, the ancient president of the Grecian 1 jDiodor. xiv. 111. Xen. Hellen. v. 1, 30, 3 1 . 'flor' iwei irapriyyeiXa/ 6 Ttpi'/3a£bs Trapetvac TOVS fiov\ofiivovs inaKova-ai, i)V /3acrtXeiJy dprjvrjv KardTrefiwoi, Taverns iravres TtapeyevovTO. vov, Kal "l/i/3y3ou Ka\ 2Kvpov, ravras 8e, &(T7rep TO apxaiov, eiVm 'ABrjvaiav. / pi) Se^o^rat^ TOVTOIS eya> 7roXejLt^(j&), rav ravra ^ovXafievcov, Kai 7re'£?? Kai Kara Bakaaaav, Kai vaval Kal B 2 4 HISTORY OF GREECE. [PART II.

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