By N. J. G. Pounds

So much writings on church background were involved quite often with church hierarchy, and with theology, liturgy and canon legislation. This e-book appears to be like on the church ''from below,'' from the bottom stratum of its organization--the parish--in which the church development is obvious because the parishioners' handiwork, and as a mirrored image of neighborhood pop culture. The e-book discusses in flip the starting place and improvement of parishes, their functionality, and the church cloth that embodied the aspirations of parishioners.

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They were, as might have been expected, earlier and more numerous in southern England than in the north and west. About  Wihtred, who ruled in Kent from  to , granted privileges to eight minster churches. 64 The churches which belonged to each minster formed a tight cluster around it. It is not difficult to see in each of these clusters the extent of the minster’s field of activity, its parochia. . These parochiae do not cover the whole diocese, and one must presume the existence of other minsters, each with its dependent churches which together served the rest.

This is a difficult task, which has nevertheless been attempted for certain restricted areas with considerable success. 76 The former existence of a minster can in many instances be established from documentary sources. Architectural remains are, however, no proof of minster status, but there is at least the possibility that any large, masonry-built church of Saxon date was in origin a minster. Topographical evidence can sometimes be used, if only to confirm that from other sources. As the functions of a minster began to decay in later Saxon times, peripheral parts of its parochia broke away to form independent parishes in the modern sense, leaving a large core which can sometimes be identified on the map.

The process is visible in the landscape today: a small parish entirely encapsulated within a large one, as Knight’s Enham is contained within Andover (Hants) (Fig.  The parish of Andover (Hants), with parcels which make up the parish of Knight’s Enham. the territory of another, or detached portions of one parish encompassed within another. All such features may denote fragments of a parochia which had broken away to form a separate parish co-terminous with the lands of a secular lord. It must not be assumed that every patronal church was founded as such by its patron.

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