By Frances Worthington

In Abraham: One God, 3 other halves, 5 Religions, writer Frances Worthington explores the 3 wives/concubines (Sarah, Hagar, and Keturah) of Abraham, and strains their lineage to 5 diverse religions—Christianity, Judaism, Islam, the Babi religion, and the Bahai religion. reading the scripture and traditions of those 5 "Abrahamic" faiths, this advanced tale additionally attracts seriously from a wealthy number of ancient assets that supply a desirable backdrop. The narrative follows the lifetime of Abraham from his start, via his marriages and the start of his young ones, and his repeated exiles. It additionally presents nice perception into the lives of the founders of the 5 Abrahamic Faiths—Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, the Báb, and Baha'u'llah—and illustrates how their lives replicate that of Abraham. the ultimate chapters think of genetics and the unfold of universal DNA via varied populations all over the world and the non secular ancestry uniting us all. the combo of...

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7 Abraham, Nahor, and Haran might also have passed many childhood hours doing what all little boys do—driving their parents crazy by emulating the antics of local wrestlers, pounding on small drums, or pleading for yet another turn at a popular board game reminiscent of backgammon. The boys probably received a little schooling, at least enough to learn how to record basic business transactions in cuneiform characters on clay tablets. And, as heirs to the family business, they would have also been expected to emulate their father by helping him with his business of making and selling idols.

When Terah returned and discovered the damage, he was livid. What was the name, he demanded, of the madman who had ransacked the store? Abraham responded that a woman had come in with an offering of flour, and that when the gift was set in front of the idols, they started arguing. ” The disagreement escalated until the biggest of them all stood up, grabbed a hammer and crushed the others to dust. Terah stared at his son in disbelief. ” he asked. ” Terah refused to be impressed by this performance, but Abraham remained adamant in His beliefs.

The Bahá’í writings say Abraham was born in Mesopotamia, a large area that includes southern Iraq and a smidgen of Iran, along with slices of Turkey and Syria. 2 LOCATING UR The city of Ur itself, which lay within the heart of the region referred to as Ur of the Chaldees, is the site most often suggested as the place where Abraham was born. Situated at the edge of the Euphrates River, about two hundred miles south of where Baghdad is today, it was one of the most cosmopolitan metropolises of the world.

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