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0 ip nat outside ! 0 ip nat inside full-duplex ! 195 prefix-length 23 ! com - The Power of Knowing 642-425 ! 5. 171. You are at an office on the WAN side of the Router. You want to check connectivity to the IP phone. What ping command should you issue? A. 5 B. 171 C. 134 D. None of the above. Answer: D Explanation: The IP phone cannot be reached using ping. An IP phone can be pinged when using Static NAT translation and no access-list or firewall is preventing this communication. However, a dynamically translated IP address such as is shown in this exhibit would only be "pingable" within the time frame between a call disconnect and the NAT translation timeout (a matter of seconds).

Other telephony software or hardware installed, such as fax or UniModem. Microsoft Windows 2000 service packs installed. Exchange service packs installed. Number of subscribers in the CiscoUnity database. Number of subscribers in the Exchange database. Size of the Exchange database file. Approximate normal CiscoUnity server CPU utilization. com/en/US/partner/products/sw/voicesw/ps2237/prod_trouble_shooting_guide_chapter09186 a0 QUESTION 85: What is the maximum number of private lists per subscriber that Cisco Utility supports?

Confirm that the Anonymous Access box is unchecked. Page 10-40 CIPT troubleshooting. QUESTION 80: You are a network engineer at Certkiller . Your newly appointed Certkiller trainee wants to know what will happen when a serious problem occurs that Cisco Unity does not handle. What would your reply be? A. Windows 2000 starts the Dr. Watson program. B. Cisco Unity notifies the IIS service, which begins to record all SNMP traps. C. The Windows 2000 Event Viewer becomes your primary source of information.

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