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The dependent and complicated civilization of the Aegean is defined the following in a mode of wonderful richness, trained all through by means of sound scholarship. those those that lived see you later in concord and peace, who cultivated the humanities with this type of built aesthetic experience, who eventually handed rather a lot in their historical past to old Greece, play a major half in background, whereas their civilization presents various notable similarities with modern faith, model, and activity.

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But, cramped on their rocks, the islanders can only make a livelihood by travelling afar, without ceasing, in search of profitable barter. They become the brokers of the producing countries. Wherever they go they leave their little idols behind them. Certain pots of the Cyclades and Crete have handles pierced jn a way which is special to Troy I ; whatever the origin of the process may be, they have their interest in the general diffusion. Syra, the central island, becomes in this way the commercial capital of the archipelago.

Three mountain ranges-Dikte with the Lasithi Mountains (the ancient Aigaion) in the East, Ida in the centre, and the White Mountains in the West--reduce the habitable surface, but supply the wealth of their forests and their pastures. Thanks to numerous valleys it is possible to grow com, vines, and olives close up to the high summits. The sea enters into the depressions enough to form isthmuses which ensure easy cOInmunication between North and South . In the centre, however, it has spared two plains running East and West­ that in the N orth which is overlooked by Mount I9uktas, and 1 Odyssey, xix, 172 .

13 Duemmler, AM. 1 886, 15 ff. , 209 ff . ; Tsountas, 'Eep . , 1 898, 1 37 ff. H Tsonntas, loco cit . , d. AM. 1 9 1 9, 1 ff. , ib. , 1 899, 73 ff . , 1 30 ff. 1 6 I d . , ib. , 77 ff. ; Blinkenberg, MAN. 1 896, 1 ff. 17 'Eep . , 1 899, 1 1 8, 1 30 ff . , pI. vii, 1 , figs. 17-18. 18 Stephanos, L X X X V ; n p . , 1906, 86 ff. ; 1 908, 1 1 4 ff. ; 1 909, 209 ff. ; 1 9 10, 270 ff. 7 . 1 Above all, the question of Cretan and Mycenrean influences, which first arose in connexion with the old finds at Thera and Rhodes, was solved bv the excavations at Delos,2 and still more at Melos.

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