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Feminization of the Clergy in America: Occupational and Organizational Perspectives

Feminization is related to happen whilst ladies input any given career in great numbers, and ostensibly results in such dynamics as sex-segregation, lowered possibilities for males, and depressed wages and reduced status for the profession as a complete. Spanning greater than 70 years, Paula Nesbitt's research of feminization concentrates at the Episcopal Church and the Unitarian Universalist organization, using either statistical effects and interviews to check occupational styles past and next to the massive inflow of girls clergy.

Science and the Trinity: The Christian Encounter with Reality

Ordinarilly, the discussion among faith and technological know-how is initiated by means of the discoveries of recent science—big bang cosmology, evolution, or quantum thought, for instance. during this ebook, scientist-theologian John Polkinghorne alterations the dialogue. He ways the discussion from a little-explored standpoint during which theology shapes the argument and units the time table of inquiries to be thought of.

Post-Modern Magick

This booklet is the start of a protracted street. It exists inside a paradox of exact examine and the fierce resistance of dogma. This ebook is for the iconoclast. The magus who rejects blind adherence and who struggles opposed to the invisible legal of culture. For rouge students, artists, hackers, Goths, or the other magus at the underground direction of evolution.

Slouching Towards Gaytheism: Christianity and Queer Survival in America

Argues that homophobia aren't eliminated within the usa until eventually faith is ended. Slouching in the direction of Gaytheism brings jointly highbrow traditions—the New Atheism and queer theory—and strikes past them to supply a brand new voice for homosexual american citizens and atheists alike. studying the ongoing vehemence of homophobia in cultural and political debate concerning queer equality, this unabashed polemic insists that the desires met by way of faith should be met—more appropriately and not more toxically—by varieties of neighborhood that don't harass and malign homosexual and lesbian americans or abate collective social development.

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A “control freak,” she was well-groomed, tastefully dressed, properly deodorized and accessorized. ” However, Avey’s well- cultivated self- control broke down aboard the cruise ship. ” As she ate a sinfully rich Peach Parfait à La Versailles, things fell apart. The parfait left her feeling bloated, with a nonspecific discomfort around her midsection. The symbolic weight of the parfait seems obvious. Marshall describes Avey’s discomfort as “indigestion” and suggests that its cause is an excessive amount of calorie- rich food.

And, above all else, that choice is ethical and political. Where Afrocentricity would erect a “Great Wall of Africa” designed to maintain its alleged purity and cultural homogeneity, AfroEccentricity throws open the gates, welcoming cultural exchange, the stranger, strange ideas and practices. We Afro-Eccentrics remember our ancestors by remembering their traditions and gods but not necessarily as they would have us remember. There is no piety with impiety; we revere ancestors enough to disagree.

From the ashes of the Negro Church the Black Church arose. This change in nomenclature signifies several things, not the least of which is the death of the servile and accommodating disposition of the Negro Church, whose peasant and working- class members consoled themselves through ecstatic liturgies, and whose middle- class members inhabited a “make believe world” of superficiality and conspicuous consumption famously described by Frazier in Black Bourgeoisie (1957). ” His sociology is driven by the theological priorities and normative assumptions of the Black Church.

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