By K. Bode, I. Kuriyama, J.E. Mark, F. Maser, M. Mutter, Y. Nakose, A. Odajima, V.N.R. Pillai, J.P. Queslel, H.W. Siesler

With contributions by means of various specialists

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Isosbestic point observed in the ~(CH2) absorption region of FTIR spectra recorded during uniaxial extension of a PTMT film Rhea-Optical Fourier-TransformInfrared Spectroscopy 39 at 300 K (72 MNm -2) and 353 K (45 MNm -z) are fully supported by the experimental results of Tadokoro et al. lss) As an interesting detail of these investigations an isosbestic point characteristic of the equilibrium established between the relaxed and strained units at different stress levels could be detected in the region of the 8(CHz) absorption bands (Fig.

W . Siesler 32 Table 1. 70 57 50 30 22 22 21 18 17 16 16 57 51 38 33 32 31 29 28 27 27 In Table 1 the dichroic ratios R, the orientation functions f, and the corresponding angles 0 (see Eq. (12)) derived for the 998 cm - I and 973 cm -1 absorption bands from the spectra of Fig. 19a are listed for selected elongation values. The initially negative orientation functions indicate that the original sample shows a slightly preferential orientation perpendicular to the direction of subsequent elongation.

The determination of crystal axes orientation in blown polyethylene films by wide-angle X-ray diffraction measurements has been extensively discussed by several authors 11o-116). Here, small- and wide-angle X-ray measurements n7~ and IR polarization spectra of the untilted and tilted original specimens provided an approximate picture of the initial morphology and orientation of the crystallographic axes in the polyethylene film under examination. Thus, the b-axis is preferentially aligned parallel to the transverse direction of the film geometry while the a- and c-axes are distributed about the b-axis with the a-axis preferentially oriented in the machine direction 1~5,n7~.

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