By Bimala Churn Law.

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Etc. Benares cloth by fineness of texture does not take the oil. ( Bud- This fine industry reason of ii ( as its dhist Suttas, S. B. , p. is still 92). alive. There was in Benares a market known as ivory workers' bazar where ivory works There were were sold. (Jataka, Fausboll, II, p. 197). in stone cutters or experts working stone-quarrying and Tfifi 28 shaping stones. (Jataka, I, &ASIS p. Five hundred! car- 478). penters lived in a village in Benares. ( Jataka, II, pi 118 ). There was in Benares a great town of carpenters containing These carpenters avowed publicly that a thousand families.

Knew lakkhanamantam by which they told that among the aquatic animals, fish, tortoise, crab and among the beings living on land, deer, swan, peacock, partridge and IV, men were of golden colour. (Jataka, 335). p. , II, 47) away from Benares, to receive p. education. ( Dharnmapada Commentary, I, pp. 250-251). Dharnmapada Commentary tells us that a king of Benares learnt a mantra from a young brahmin by paying him 1000 kahapanas as the teacher's fee. The king saved his life from the hands of the barber who was instigated by the senapati to kill him by that manta.

He thinks that it included Benares and Savatthi, in what is and probably had the Ganges for its southern boundary, the Gandak for its eastern boundary and the mountains for its northern boundary. 4 Buddhagosa, the Sftketa, great commentator of 46 oj canon wine. Kosala. He many of the books narrates an anecdote giving a fanciful origin of the name of says iu his cjmmentary on the Digha Nikaya, the Sumangalavilasml, that the country inhabited by the Kosala princes was technically called Kosala. times, prince MahapanAda of this country (i.

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