By Erik Dahl, Timothy Ferguson, Jeff Kyer, Richard Love, John Post, Paul Tevis, Alexander White

Legends inform of the effective wizards of the earlier, sorcerers with powers that dwarf these of the magi of the Order of Hermes. Hyperboreans whose spells lasted a new release, necromancers of Canaan who may summon any of the lifeless, rune magic that brushed off Magic Resistance like cobwebs; some of these tales stream within the Covenants of the Order. different kinds of magic are so old that even the legends became infrequent. The Seekers are these magi of the Order who look for those secrets and techniques, aiming for the consideration of being the single to carry the ability to trendy magi. This publication includes descriptions of 9 kinds of old magic, and ideas for integrating their secrets and techniques into airtight idea. From the frozen north to the westernmost fringe of the realm, from humankind's earliest houses to grand temples of the classical international, the search can lead your characters at any place in Mythic Europe, or even past. How some distance will they opt for wisdom?

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