By Susan Nolen-Hoeksema, Tyrone D. Cannon, Thomas Widiger

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Org • Evidence-Based Assessment 41 ARI 20 February 2007 18:35 Ogles 2004). , Heinemann 2005), one recent survey found that, even when outcome assessments were mandatory in a clinical setting, most clinicians eschewed the available data and based their practices on an intuitive sense of what they felt clients needed (Garland et al. 2003). Furthermore, the assessment methods and measures typically taught in graduate training programs and those most frequently used by clinical psychologists bear little resemblance to the methods and measures involved in EBAs (Hunsley et al.

For example, Meyer et al. (2001) provided extensive evidence that many psychological tests have substantial validity when used for clinically relevant purposes. Assessment, however, is more than the use of one or two tests: It involves the integration of a host of data sources, including tests, interviews, and clinical observations. , validity) or the Annu. Rev. Clin. Psychol. 3:29-51. org by Ball State University on 01/08/09. For personal use only. , utility) of psychological assessments (Hunsley 2002, Smith 2002).

Rather than specify precise psychometric criteria, panelists were asked to rate, on a nine-point scale, each proposed test’s characteristics, including test-retest reliability, utility as a repeated measure, relation to functional outcome, responsiveness to treatment change, and practicality/tolerability. In a recent effort to promote the development of EBA in clinical assessment, we developed a rating system for instruments that was intended to embody a “good enough” principle across psychometric categories with clear clinical relevance (Hunsley & Mash 2006).

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